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But many others, especially Moore’s local Alabama supporters, defended him.

State Representative Ed Henry accused the women cited of being politically motivated.

Never been married and he liked younger girls,” Zeigler told . “I don’t think this kind of story will change support for him among Christians since he has categorically denied it.

”Moore told Hannity that “that would be out of my customary behavior.” The radio host then tried another angle: “In other words, you don’t recall dating any girl that young when you were that old? Pressed on whether such a relationship would be “inappropriate,” the candidate said he agreed it would be.Despite criticism from lawmakers and pundits on both sides of the aisle, enough voters preferred Trump to his Democratic opponent to put him in the Oval Office.Whether or not they believe the claims against Moore, voters in Alabama might make the same choice.That approach would seem to leave room for Moore to deny the report and continue his campaign.Other officials and commentators said that even if they were true, the allegations are exaggerated.

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