Wii news channel not updating

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Most systems don't even warn you or anything, but Nintendo straight-up tells you when you install, "Don't install this if you have unlicensed software because it might not work after! And all I was trying to get across in this thread is that Nintendo's update is pointless as it does not improve the user experience in any way.

" Really man, you aren't telling us anything that Nintendo doesn't let you know on the download screen. I had not had the thing turned on in months and they said a firmware update was available and without thinking what I had done, it was already installing the update, and didn't really want to turn the system off and possibly really mess it up.

I have enjoyed this game a bunch with friends, and I am just letting people know my experiences through updating.

If you choose to be a sheep, that is perfectly fine, but I just like playing games in general.

Nintendo just announced the Wii Shop Channel service will be ending on January 31st, 2019.

You are able to add funds to the channel until March 27th, 2018.

BTW, why does it sound like you guys are crying about me installing homebrew software on my Wii console?

Dagnabbit, this was a nice alternative to having to pull out my NES, SNES, Genesis and other old consoles weekly.

I was looking around in the Wii Shop channel for Rondo of blood and was going to buy it, but the console asked me to update, and said yes, and now it effectively killed my wii system.

"Uh, well last spring-ish (2009), I heard about this game Super Mario War Wii and I wanted to play it, so since you can't run anything on your Wii without this homebrew application that Nintendo does not release through retail or Wii Shop, you can't play it.

"I never asked to stop them, rather, we should probably get them going.

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