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Ben Feldman claims he isn't the "hopeful romantic" that his character on the new sitcom "A to Z" is, but he has had his moments. Before he and his wife married, Feldman told her he was taking her to Africa and Asia in one evening. They didn't call it that but it was definitely that. You make one little joke and everybody laughs because they're just as nervous. And then you have to like deliver a good performance and not shake or sweat. They're like the most popular kid at the lunch table. And Le Train Train, their company, just keeps killing it—everything that they pitch seems to get picked up and is being worked on. But, I mean, I say that now and if we really start messing up... No, I think they just need to wait for a level of comfortable ease with us where they feel like its OK to tell us what we're doing is terrible. So it's a great arena to bring something like that back and ours is a very nostalgic, like old school kind of happy, warm, romantic comedy that you don't see as much anymore. I think I was the only one in it that's none of those. He's a sommelier in New York at a big restaurant and it shows. You and your wife are about to celebrate your first anniversary.

He drove her to San Diego, where they visited a wild animal park on a Valentine's Day couples' night before dinner at an Indian restaurant. But it really makes watching the show kind of voyeuristic because it doesn't feel like its two actors. And they basically brought me in and had me do a couple of scenes with her in front of NBC executives like in suits in a quiet small room, which is just a perfect breeding ground for creativity and artful performance and romance. And then I got the part based, I think, on that chemistry. So they've got a lot on their plate but they're definitely there and they reach out and we talk to them and email and there are table reads so we see them a bunch. Were you looking to do something like this after the crazy of Ginsberg? I didn't even want to be on a comedy and I felt really at home in dramas primarily because I feel like comedies so often the joke is the most important thing at the top of the food chain.

Like with "Mad Men" you show up and then you put on those clothes and already half of your acting is done for you, especially my character [who] dressed like a lunatic.

Cristin had the part first so I did a chemistry read. Yeah, you go into a room, it's quiet, there's like you could cut the tension with a knife. So they're great and they're super cool and they just know everything. They're busier than all of us because they've got their own things going on as well and other shows. And so I feel like it's only natural to revive what some may see as an endangered species as far as genres go on television rather than in the movie theater. And so we went in the art direction and we basically made exactly the wine that we love.

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I mean, they wrote "Celeste & Jesse Forever," which is a great. They put a lot of thought and energy into making that nipple real. I can't imagine that's going to be a title of one of the episodes but there are ways to double up. And then next year it'll be called "One through Three" or something? You have the nipple and are you going to get it framed? I'd have to explain what that is because not everybody watches "Mad Men." That was hard to watch. "Laughing my nuts off—L, M, N, O." Like there are ways to combine letters. Every Thanksgiving for the most part in my life I've come to Deerfield in Chicago. No limbs will be severed, I think, on ‘A to Z,' " he said, adding that "Mad Man" creator Matthew Weiner and he discussed how, in a screwed up way, Ginsberg's gesture was romantic. He works at an online dating company and he meets this girl—but in real life [and not online]. "So really I'm just jumping from one rom-com to another."Feldman said he didn't keep the nipple, but he does have the bloody bandage in a drawer next to his bed. Maybe for sentimental reasons, but Feldman said he's more like Milioti's character—while she's more like his character in reality."I think I'm probably lot more of a cynic in real life than Andrew," he said. And the entire series is about their relationship from the beginning to end, or as some might say, A to Z.

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