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It took me an entire day to get the shot I was happy with.

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The reflections are an important part of the atmosphere but after a huge number of trial and fail attempts (each one requiring a render time of around 10 hours) I have cut my losses and will try to make up the short falls with photoshop instead.I thought I might put up a few comments as I develop the Sniper.Mainly so you get a sense of how the game is progressing. I have some things I'd like to tidy up and a small section that needs some additional work but I won't be able to get to it for another 8-12 weeks.Some were grainy, some animations had random light spots or I'd accidentally moved something an item during the animation build and noticed it at the end.(A bed slides across the floor for no reason etc...) The updates to luxrender and reality (using 4.1) as well as finally purchasing a new computer have turned a 24 hour image render into a 2 hour job and animations can be put together in about 4 hours (lower quality but they are moving so you shouldn't notice much difference).

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