Error updating ipaq tomtom maps

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As we’ve seen so many times in the past, you can’t judge the reception quality of a device just based on the chipset used.The HP i PAQ 310 uses the Si RFtitan chipset and gets very fast and very accurate reception.We will cover many of those features in the review, but it is worth pointing out that somewhat secret menu because I’ve seen people who claim certain features don’t exist because they never found that menu.A reset button is found along the right side which thankfully I never needed to use.

Get to know where the “search by name” icon is near the bottom right of the screen because wading through the millions of POIs can be a bit daunting… The search results can be sorted by name or by straight line distance.You won’t likely need an external antenna as the 310 seems to get better reception than many other GPS devices with a similar chipset inside.The screen is one of the most attractive parts of this GPS.When typing in a city name or street name I don’t really care what the battery level is nor the current date or a few other icons they stick on the screen in this location.I would rather have seen the extra space used to squeeze a few more pixels into the keys.

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